Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Healthcare from the heart of your community

Our vision, values and goals

We have developed our vision, values and goals by talking to you about what is important to you about our organisation and the services we provide. We have also listened to what you have said about the way you want us to behave, and the way you want us to communicate with you.

Our vision:

To be recognised as the leading community and mental health service provider by our staff, patients and partners.

This sentence describes what we are trying to achieve as an organisation – and sums up what is important to us.


Our values:

Caring for and about you is our top priority.

We are committed to providing you with good quality, safe services

and working together with you to develop innovative solutions.

The way we go about our work is defined by these values – which were developed after talking with our patients and their carers, our staff, our commissioners and our partners.

Our goals:

  1. Positive Patient Experience: to provide accessible, safe and clinically effective services that improve patient experience and outcomes of care
  2. Money Matters: to deliver sustainable services based on sound financial management
  3. To Be The Best: to be the provider of choice for people who use and commission our services
  4. Uniting Services: to establish a comprehensive range of integrated ‘out of hospital’ services
  5. Working Together: to work with our partners to play our part in developing caring and compassionate communities

We organise our annual plan in line with these goals, so that we have clear objectives with the necessary resources and leadership to achieve what we set out to.