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Going the Extra Smile

The person in front of You matters

smile campaign 2

At Berkshire Healthcare we not only provide a wide variety of services but we strive to offer the best experience, whatever service you are using.

Working in partnership with patients, carers and their families is really important to us as this helps us to provide the best care, experience and service in the right place.

Recent “connecting with our communities” meetings that we held with patients, carers and our staff showed us some really easy and quick ways in which we can all improve our communication.

Just making better eye contact and smiling more often can build trust and create a better environment for everyone.

  • Patients and carers want to be treated like a person not a diagnosis or set of problems.
  • Our analysis shows that staff attitude is our patients’ number one complaint.

Let’s do something about this…….

Remember “The Person in Front of You” Is the most important person at that moment in time.

Every face in front of you is an individual, not a patient nor a colleague but a person with unique hopes and fears.

Respect their individuality and use your expertise to answer their needs.

And it’s not just our patients who need a good experience, staff do too.

Whether it’s your colleague, doctor, patient or nurse, whoever you may come across at Berkshire Healthcare, remember the smallest thing can make the biggest.

Respecting each other is important when we experience challenges.

First impressions are lasting impressions

We welcome your feedback and any experiences that you would like to share with us.

It’s important for you to let us to know how you feel

  • Do not doubt your ability to make a positive impact
  • Approach the person next to you with a smile or polite greeting
  • Offer help or assistance if you think someone may need it
  • Treat the person next to you with respect.