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Going smoke free

Berkshire Healthcare is set to become a smoke free organisation, ensuring that all patients, staff and visitors who smoke temporarily abstain during contact with our service.

Berkshire Healthcare’s commitment to become smoke free will have a positive impact on all patients, staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors and is being applied in three stages:

  • 1 March 2015 – all staff went smoke free
  • 1 July 2015 – all patients and visitors apart from inpatients at Prospect Park Hospital, who go smoke free on 1 October 2015.

Berkshire Healthcare will continue to help its service users who smoke by working closely with Smoke Free Life Berkshire, the local service which helps people to stop smoking.

Smoking is the greatest factor in causing preventable illness and early death in both physical and mental health.

It contributes to the high local death rates from both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

For more information on going smoke free, view or download our briefing document here.

Our Vision:

“Berkshire Healthcare is becoming a smoke free organisation. We will be encouraging our patients, staff and visitors to quit smoking or asking them to temporarily abstain during contact with us. We will help them to make the change by providing advice and creating the best chances for them to succeed.”

Advice and support for quitting smoking is provided by Smoke Free Life Berkshire.

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