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Our research

Berkshire Healthcare is committed to making research part of everything we do. We support high quality research into the prevention, treatment and management of mental health, dementia and other physical problems. The aim is to put research findings into clinical practice wherever possible.

Research is a core, not marginal, NHS activity - NHS Constitution - and we should all try to become involved. This is because:

  • Research findings provide the foundation of quality health and social care services, feeding into National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidance and other evidence-based practice guidelines. We are enabled to know what works and what doesn't from amongst the huge range of existing and new treatments and interventions.
  • Our service users and their carers will have a chance to access novel treatments and interventions that don't form part of usual NHS care, and the clinicians training in delivering them.

When we all participate in research we are helping to generate evidence which, when applied in practice, helps to drive up the quality of the services we offer and leads to better outcomes for our service users, their carers and the wider NHS.

Research in Berkshire Healthcare is managed by the Research and Development (R&D) team located at Fitzwilliam House in Bracknell. We have teams dealing with all aspects of R&D including R&D permissions, setting up studies, grant applications and supporting delivery of NIHR Portfolio studies. We also have a successful Berkshire Memory Clinic Research Centre situated in University of Reading.