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Family and Friends Test

The Friends and Family Test is a survey which asks patients whether they would recommend the NHS service they have received to friends and family who need similar treatment or care.

Here at Berkshire Healthcare we have been asking a similar question within our internal patient survey programme since 2012, and are pleased to see it rolled out across the NHS as a quick way for all patients to be given the opportunity to give feedback.

The most important thing for us about the Friends and Family Test is hearing what you say and acting on your experience, either to make improvements to services or to replicate what is going well.

We really do value what our community thinks of the services we provide, and the Friends and Family Test is one way that you can tell us what you think.

Depending on the service you are part of, you will be offered the opportunity to answer the Friends and Family Test in a variety of ways:

  • On the day of your discharge or within 24 hours from one of our community or mental health wards
  • At each appointment if you attend a clinic-based service
  • At the point of your discharge, if you are open to one of our services for less than three months
  • Or every three months if you are being seen by a service for longer than three months

You may receive a text message, or be asked to complete a feedback card.

Your results remain anonymous, however, please do leave your telephone numbers if you would like someone to contact you.

The Friends and Family Test is only one way that we collect patient feedback.


This short film explains what the Family and Friends Test is in a simple way and is suitable for use in most healthcare settings, with or without sound.

You can also watch the British Sign Language version of the film.

This is a different version of the film where the emphasis is on mental healthcare services.

We also invite you to give your views about the service you or your loved one has experienced at any time during their care or treatment, please do not wait for the Family and Friends Test.

We are always looking for people to be involved in Berkshire Healthcare in a different ways e.g. through volunteering or taking part in forums or committees.

To see more about this, please see our Get involved with us page.

If you have any questions about the Friends and Family Test, or want to hear what we are doing as a result of your feedback, please speak with a member of our staff or contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on (0118) 9605027.