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Listening into Action - Patient, Public & Carer Big Conversations

As part of our Listening into Action project, we recently held a series of Big Conversation events across Berkshire which were attended by patients, members of the public and carers.

We held six events in total and 160 people attended.

These events gave us the perfect opportunity to listen to you and to capture your valuable feedback.

The feedback from each of the events is available below:

For more information, please see our outcomes letter.

If you want to continue giving us feedback, do not hesitate to contact us at


Why it is important we hear your views

There is a good chance that every person in Berkshire will come into contact with us at some point in their lives. This includes our health visiting service which works with all families from the birth of their child to age five, our school nurses or our district nursing team, our community hospitals, as well as our range of therapists working with children and adults on their speech, muscles or occupational health.

Added to this one in four people will experience problems with their mental health at some point in their lives, so up to a quarter of the population is a potential user of our mental health services, from our Talking Therapies service through to inpatient care.